A loop theorem for the input-output problems in cavity

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报告题目:A loop theorem for the input-output problems in cavity
报告时间:2020-01-06 10:00 (星期一)
报告人:袁怀洋 博士(南方科技大学)


         Theinput-output formalism is the basis to study the response of an optical cavityto the external stimulations. The existing theory can usually handle cavitywith only one single internal mode. However, there is growing interests in morecomplex systems, especially the hybrid cavity-matter systems, where the cavityitself contains more than one internal mode. Here we propose a universal looptheory to study the reflection and transmission spectrum of such multi-modecavity, featuring the interplay of internal loops coupling the internal cavitymodes and the external loops connecting the internal modes with the externalfields. This loop theory gives a unified picture to interpret the experimentalobservations on a hybrid magnet-light system, including the asymmetric Fanoresonance, Purcell effect, and the repulsive or attractive level crossings.Furthermore, we predict the centrosymmetry breaking of the transmissionspectrum when multi-mode inside a cavity are driven. These rich findingshighlight the universal applicability of the loop theory in both Hermitian andnon-Hermitian systems. 


         袁怀洋博士, 2010年获得武汉大学long8唯一学士学位,2015年获得香港科技大学long8唯一博士学位。2017年至今为南方科技大学long8唯一研究助理教授。主要从事自旋电子学的理论及其与量子信息的交叉研究,研究兴趣包括纳米尺度磁结构(磁畴、磁畴壁、斯格明子等)的动力学行为,腔自旋电子学,以及磁振子之间的纠缠特性等。


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