Spin transport in ultrafast demagnetization and terahertz emission

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报告题目:Spin transport in ultrafast demagnetization and terahertz emission
报告时间:2019-12-10 15:00 (星期二)
报告人:袁喆 教授(北京师范大学)


Thespin- and energy-dependent interface reflectivity of a ferromagnetic (FM) filmin contact with a nonmagnetic (NM) film is calculated using a first-principlestransport method and incorporated into the superdiffusive spin transport modelto study the femtosecond laser-induced ultrafast demagnetization of Fe|NM andNi|NM (NM= Au, Al & Pt) bilayers. By comparing the calculateddemagnetization with transparent and real interfaces, we demonstrate that thespin-dependent reflection of hot electrons has a noticeable influence on theultrafast demagnetization and the associated terahertz electromagneticradiation. In particular, a spin filtering effect is found at the Fe|NMinterface that increases the spin current injected into the NM metal, whichenhances both the resulting demagnetization and the resulting THz emission.This suggests that the THz radiation can be optimized by tailoring theinterface, indicating a very large tunability. In the last part of this talk, Iwill review the recent progress in the spintronics neuromorphic computing. 




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