On the emergence of gravitational dynamics from tensor networks

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报告题目:On the emergence of gravitational dynamics from tensor networks
报告时间:2019-12-23 15:00 (星期一)
报告人:孙佳睿副教授( 中山大学)


Tensor networks are powerful techniques widely used in condensed matter physics. In this language, the wave function of a quantum many-body system is described by a network of tensors with specific entanglement structures. Recently, it is shown that tensor network can generate the anti-de Sitter (AdS) geometry by using the entanglement renormalization approach. However, whether the dynamical connections can be found between the tensor network and the gravity is an important unsolved problem. In this talk, I will introduce a novel proposal to integrate ideas from tensor networks, entanglement entropy, canonical quantization of quantum gravity and the holographic principle and argue that the gravitational dynamics can be generated from a tensor network if the wave function of the latter satisfies the Wheeler-DeWitt equation. 


孙佳睿老师2004年本科毕业于湖南师范大学, 2009年研究生毕业于中国科学院高能物理研究所, 获理学博士学位,2009-2011年在台湾中央大学从事博士后研究, 2011-2015年在华东理工大学long8唯一任教, 2015年入职中山大学, 现为物理与天文学院副教授。 研究领域为引力理论与场论。 


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