Micromagnetic study on magnetization dynamics in magnetic nanostructures

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报告题目:Micromagnetic study on magnetization dynamics in magnetic nanostructures
报告时间:2019-12-02 10:00 (星期一)
报告人:颜明 教授(上海大学)


Here I take the opportunity to review some of ourworks on domain-wall (DW) dynamics and spin waves (SWs) in magneticnanostructures that have been done in the past decade. The main approach usedin our study is micromagnetic simulations. We predict a massless DW in thincylindrical nanowires with its motion not limited by the so-called Walkerbreakdown [1]. In cylindrical nanotubes, it is found that the Walker breakdown threshold is much higher than that in flat nanowires due to a topological reason [2]. As a result, the DW velocity in tubes can even reach the SWpropagation speed to trigger the Spin-Cherenkov effect [2-3], which is analogous to the well-known Cherenkov radiation of lights and sonic boom. Furthermore, the DW motion in tubes breaks the chiral symmetry due to a curvature effect [4]. For a similar reason, SWs propagating in circularly magnetized tubes show an asymmetric spectrum [5].  I would also discuss a real SW Doppler effect that can occur in field/current-driven DW motion in cylindrical nanowires [6]and the SW canting effect caused by the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriyainteraction [7].


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