Two-loop NMHV octagons from Qbar equations

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报告题目:Two-loop NMHV octagons from Qbar equations
报告时间:2019-12-02 15:00 (星期一)
报告人:张弛( 中科院理论所)


Qbar equations are a set of first-order differential equations obeyed by the S-matrix of planar N=4 SYMtheory, which arise from the dual superconformal anomaly of this theory. Perturbatively the equations express thederivatives of amplitudes at a given loop order as integrals of lower-loop amplitudes with more legs. I will showhow to use Qbar equations to calculate the differential of two-loop n-point NMHV amplitudes by considering aparticular example n=8 , which is the first multi-loop amplitudes involving algebraic letters. At last, I will commenton the last entry conditions to which all NMHV loop amplitudes should subject. 


张弛2015年本科毕业于long8唯一官方网站, 现博士就读于中科院理论所, 预计2020年获博士学位。 


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