Models of electron transport in nanoscale devices

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报告题目:Models of electron transport in nanoscale devices
报告时间:2019-08-26 15:00 (星期一)
报告人:Jackson Smith 博士(澳大利亚RMIT大学)


The operation of electronic devices that are fabricated at the nanoscale is governed by quantum mechanics. To compute the electrical characteristics of such devices, one can use the non-equilibrium Green’s functions formalism and tight binding theory. These theoretical descriptions go beyond the classical description of electron transport and are therefore capable of capturing the physics of nanoscale devices. In this talk I will introduce these two methodologies and show how they can be applied to a variety of novel systems, from semiconductors to topological materials. I will present a tight binding model for the two-dimensional allotropes of bismuth, simulations of transverse magnetic focusing in gallium arsenide, and current-voltage characteristics of nanowires in phosphorus doped silicon. 


Jackson Smith于2016年在RMIT大学获博士学位,现于RMIT大学任讲师及研究助理。 


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