The materials science of Josephson junctions: modelling their formation, imperfections and electrica

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报告题目:The materials science of Josephson junctions: modelling their formation, imperfections and electrica
报告时间:2019-08-26 14:00 (星期一)
报告人:Jared Cole 教授 (澳大利亚RMIT 大学)


The basis for superconducting electronics is the Josephson junction: a thin insulating barrier that separates two superconducting leads and thereby behaves as a tunneling barrier. These junctions are the nonlinear circuit element inside superconducting quantum interference devices, microwave electronics, and superconducting quantum computers. The width of this barrier can be as thin as two nanometers and the electronic properties of such junctions are therefore strongly dependent on the morphology of the barrier, both at the interfaces of the superconducting leads and within the metal oxide itself. Using a range of computational techniques we analyse the role of defects within the junctions, how the junctions are formed and how their electrical response depends on their microstructure. These simulated results are then compared to experimental measurements of junctions within various circuits. Our results provide new insights into the influence of fabrication conditions on the electrical response of metal-oxide barriers and the resulting performance of quantum technologies constructed from them. 


Jared Cole 教授主要研究量子理论及应用,在量子计算和量子信息领域,自旋物理学等领域发表论文200余篇,总被引次数3800余次。 


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