Covariant phase space with boundaries

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报告题目:Covariant phase space with boundaries
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Thecovariant phase space method of Iyer, Lee, Wald, and Zoupas gives an elegantway to understand the Hamiltonian dynamics of Lagrangian field theories withoutbreaking covariance. The original literature however does not systematicallytreat total derivatives and boundary terms, which has led to some confusion abouthow exactly to apply the formalism in the presence of boundaries. We here givean algorithmic procedure for applying the covariant phase space formalism tofield theories with spatial boundaries. With our formalism, we derive theHamiltonian for theories with diffeomorphism symmetries, only assuming that theconfigurations satisfy equations of motion and boundary conditions, which isconsistent with previous results. If time permitted, I will illustrate thisformalism by an interesting model Jackiw-Teitolboim gravity, where we canexplicitly solve the phase space and symplectic form. With this structure, wecan rederive the traversable wormhole effect.   




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