Subsystem Trace Distance in Conformal Field Theory

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报告题目:Subsystem Trace Distance in Conformal Field Theory
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 Wedevelop a systematic method to calculate the trace distance between two reduceddensity matrices in 1+1 dimensional quantum field theories. The approachexploits the path integral representation of the reduced density matrices andan ad hoc replica trick. We then extensively apply this method to thecalculation of the distance between reduced density matrices of one interval oflength l in eigenstates ofconformal field theories. When the interval is short, using the operatorproduct expansion of twist operators, we obtain a universal form for the leadingorder in l of the trace distance. Wecompute the trace distances among the reduced density matrices of several lowlying states in two-dimensional free massless boson and fermion theories. Wecompare our analytic conformal results with numerical calculations in XX andIsing spin chains finding perfect agreement.    




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