Soft Limits of Yang-Mills Amplitudes and Conformal Correlators

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报告题目:Soft Limits of Yang-Mills Amplitudes and Conformal Correlators
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 Westudy tree-level celestial amplitudes in Yang-Mills theory--Mellin transformsof multi-gluon scattering amplitudes that convert them into the correlators ofconformal primary fields on two-dimensional celestial sphere. By using purelyfield-theoretical methods, we show that the soft conformal limit of celestialamplitudes, in which one of the primary field operators associated to gaugebosons becomes a dimension one current, is dominated by the contributions oflow-energy soft particles. This result confirms conclusions reached by usingYang-Mills theory formulated in curvilinear coordinates, as pioneered byStrominger. By using well-known collinear limits of Yang-Mills amplitudes, wederive the OPE rules for the primary fields and the holomorphic currentsarising in the conformally soft limit. The Ward identities following from OPEhave the same form as the identities derived by using soft theorems.    




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