Perturbative Quantum Gravity and infrared non-localities

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报告题目:Perturbative Quantum Gravity and infrared non-localities
报告时间:2019-05-23 10:30 (星期四)
报告人:Gaurav Narain博士(北京航空航天大学)


Quantum gravity is a direction of research where we are trying toreconcile general relativity explaining large scale phenomena with laws ofquantum mechanics. Currently there are many approaches to QG. Perturbativequantum gravity is one such approach and is also the oldest among all theapproaches that are practiced today. In this approach one uses the known andtested methods of Quantum Field Theory (QFT) to study theories of gravity. Thisframework allows us to probe the ultra high energy issues of gravity using themethodology of renormalization group, and explore the infrared physics in thecontext of cosmology. This talk is based on some of my ongoing work in thedirection of perturbative quantum gravity, non-localities and infrared physics.   




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5.       Exorcising Ghosts inInduced Gravity, Gaurav Narain, Eur. Phy. J. C77 (2017) no.10, 683, arXiv:1612.04930.


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