Hidden Analytic Relations for Two-Loop Higgs Amplitudes in QCD

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报告题目:Hidden Analytic Relations for Two-Loop Higgs Amplitudes in QCD
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I will discuss ahidden analytic structure for two-loop Higgs plus three-parton amplitudes. Wecomputed the Higgs to two-quark and one-gluon and Higgs plus three-gluonamplitudes in effective theory with general operators. By changing thequadratic Casimir from fundamental representation to adjoint representation,the maximally transcendental part of the Higgs to two-quark and one-gluonamplitudes is reduced to that of Higgs plus three-gluon amplitudes, which alsocoincides with the counterpart in N=4 SYM. This generalizes the so-calledmaximal transcendentality principle to Higgs amplitudes in full QCD.     




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