A primary investigation on wormhole and the thermodynamic arrow of time

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报告题目:A primary investigation on wormhole and the thermodynamic arrow of time
报告时间:2019-04-17 15:30 (星期三)


In classicalthermodynamic, heat cannot spontaneously pass from a colder system to a hottersystem, which is called the thermodynamic arrow of time. However, if theinitial states are entangled, the direction of the thermodynamic arrow of timemay not be guaranteed. Here we take the thermo field double state as theinitial state and assume its gravity duality to be the eternal black hole. Thequantum entanglement between the two systems is captured by the wormholeconnecting the two black holes. We make their temperatures different and thenturn on the interaction between them. After investigating the changes ofenergies, we find that the thermodynamic arrow of time has not been reversedfor the interactions we have considered. But the existence of the wormholesupports some new channels of energy transfer, which are related to the effectof traversable wormhole. With a proper interaction, those channels can lead toenergy transfer from the colder black hole to the hotter black hole, althoughthey are not strong enough to reverse the whole thermodynamic arrow of time.     




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