Generalized Uncertainty Principle, White Dwarfs, and Cosmological Constant

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报告题目:Generalized Uncertainty Principle, White Dwarfs, and Cosmological Constant
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The uncertainty principle is modified when gravity istaken into the account. This so-called “Generalized Uncertainty Principle”(GUP) has been widely studied in the literature, especially in the context ofblack hole physics, which yields a remnant as the end stage of Hawkingevaporation. When applied to white dwarfs however, GUP seems to remove theChandrasekhar limit. We discuss at least two ways to avoid this unwantedfeature – (i) taking the GUP correction parameter to be negative, whichcorresponds to “classicalization” of Planck scale physics, and (ii) taking intoaccount the cosmological constant. The second approach is interesting since theexistence of white dwarfs in turn put a bound on the cosmological constant.While still much larger than the observed value, this bound is many order ofmagnitude smaller than the “natural” scale from quantum field theory.                       


扬州大学引力与宇宙学研究中心特聘教授,上海交通大学博士后,北欧理论物理研究所Nordita Fellow,台湾大学 天文物理博士,新加坡国立大学 数学硕士     


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