Applications of the Huang-Rhys model

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报告题目:Applications of the Huang-Rhys model
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Huang-Rhys model has been proposed by Kun Huang for the Fcolor center in solid in 1950. During past several decades, this model has been widely used in physics, chemistry,biology and many interdisciplinary subjects. In this lecture, we give the detail derivation of this model in the original paper and the related developing until now. We mainly discuss applications of this model on the radiative and non-radiative transitions in spectroscopy andcarriers-transfer and charge-trapping processes in low-dimensional systems. 


1.  HuangKun’s contribution to Physics 

2.  Thedetail processes of Huang-Rhys model 

2.1 The definitionof lattice relaxation 

2.2 ConfigurationCoordinate 

2.3 Multiphononsidebands in the spectroscopy 

2.4 Fouriertransform of the multiphonon sidebands in spectroscopy 

2.5 Equivalence of the adiabaticapproximation and static coupling schemes for non-radiative transitions 

2.6 The methods of steepest descent andhigh temperature-strong coupling approximation for non-radiative transitions

3.  Relationshipbetween Huang-Rhys model and electron transfer Marcus’s theory 

3.1 Absorptionspectroscopy of molecules 

3.2 Electrontransfer and energy transfer in the Marcus’s theory 

3.3 Various approximationsof electron and energy transfer rate constants 

3.4 Theory of radiationlesstransitions in molecules 

4.  Huang-Rhysmodel for the bias temperature instability of electron device 

4.1 The biastemperature instability of electron device 

4.2 Chargetrapping of non-radiative multiphonon processes betweensingle states 

4.3 Non-radiativemultiphonon transitions with a whole band of states 

4.4 Chargetrapping of Huang-Rhys model 

5.  Introductionfor applications of Huang-Rhys model on solar cells, LED and so on.


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