Integrable Structure and Life in a Hyperbolic Braneworld

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报告题目:Integrable Structure and Life in a Hyperbolic Braneworld
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报告人:Kellogg Stelle 教授(Imperial College, London)


The idea that there may be additional dimensions tospacetime beyond the obvious four has persisted in physics since the 1920s.Generally, such a scenario involves small compact dimensions, giving rise to aneffective theory of gravity in a lower dimension spacetime. However, it is alsopossible to have a situation analogous to a metal, where the transversedimensions are noncompact but there is a work function, or mass-gap which alsocan give rise to a lower dimensional effective theory. This happens in 10dimensional supergravity theory, with a transverse space with hyperbolic structure.Moreover, the transverse part of the problem happens to correspond to anintegrable quantum mechanical model. This integrability allows one to probe thestructure of the effective theory to a degree not otherwise possible, and thisreveals some puzzles about how lower dimensional spacetime symmetries becomerealised. 


Professor Kellogg Stelle isthe author of over 190 scientific articles on the theory of gravitation, ongauge and supersymmetric field theories and on string theory. He is a Fellow ofthe Institute of Physics and of the American Physical Society. He has been apioneer particularly in the study of multi-dimensional extended objects insupersymmetric and string theories, and also in analyzing the structure ofultraviolet divergences in supergravity and in more general supersymmetricfield theories.  His influential work onthe renormalizability on higher-derivative gravity has attracted more than 1300citations. 


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