Nonequilibrium condensation process of a holographic p-wave superconductor

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报告题目:Nonequilibrium condensation process of a holographic p-wave superconductor
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I will talk the nonequilibrium condensationprocess of a holographic p-wave superconductor model, which is described byEinstein-Maxwell theory coupled with the charged complex vector field in asymptoticanti-de Sitter (AdS) spacetime. By solving the gravitational dynamics in theasymptotic AdS spacetime numerically, we obtain the full time dependentsolution of the system, and observe a dynamical process from the perturbedReissner-Nordström-AdS black hole to the anisotropic black hole with vector hair,when the initial black hole temperature is smaller than the critical temperatureTc. By holography, this nonlinear dynamical process is then dual to the phasetransition process from a normal state to a p–wave superconducting state on theboundary theory.   




1. Ran Li, XingliangChen,Tieguang Zi, and Hongbao Zhang,Nonequilibrium condensation process of a holographic p-wavesuperconductor, Phys. Rev. D 98, 046024 (2018). 

2. Li Ran, Yu Tian,Hongbao Zhang, and Junkun Zhao, Zero temperature holographic superfluids withtwo competing orders, Phys. Rev. D 94, 04600 3 (2016).  


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