Holographic incoherent transport in EMD gravity

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报告题目:Holographic incoherent transport in EMD gravity
报告时间:2018-10-26 16:30 (星期五)


Recent progress in the holographic approach makesit more transparent that each conductivity can be decomposed into the coherentcontribution due to momentum relaxation and the incoherent contribution due tointrinsic current relaxation. In this talk, we introduce this decomposition inthe framework of Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton theory. The analytic results ofconductivity with the slow momentum relaxation in low frequency approximationcan be obtained. Also we introduce the recent progress in the holographictransport from non-linear Maxwell theory.   


吴健聘,扬州大学引力与宇宙学研究中心,教授。2012年7月毕业于北京师范大学long8唯一理论物理专业。2012年-2013年,在韩国西江大学量子时空中心做博士后研究。目前,主要从事规范引力对偶及其应用,黑洞物理,量子引力,宇宙学等方面的研究。在Phys.Rev.Lett., Phys.Rev.D, JHEP等学术刊物发表SCI论文57篇,论文引用达1000余次。   


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