Holographic topological semimetals and topological invariants

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报告题目:Holographic topological semimetals and topological invariants
报告时间:2018-09-07 15:30 (星期五)

报告摘要:Topological states of matter have beena research focus in condensed matter physics for the past decade. I will introducea framework in holography to generate gapless topological semimetal states. Asexplicit examples, we introduce the holographic model of Weyl semimetals andtopological nodal-line semimetals. In each of these systems, there exists aquantum phase transition between the topologically trivial semimetal states andthe topologically nontrivial Weyl/nodal-line semimetal states. Evidenceincluding anomalous transport properties and "ARPES" calculations aswell as predictions for possible new transport properties, including thepresence of Hall viscosity associated with the mixed gauge gravitationalanomaly, will be discussed. Finally we will specially focus on the calculationof nontrivial topological invariants from the dual fermion Green functions. Thissuggests that at strong coupling we could still have a physical system with theessential properties of the weakly coupled topology semimetals.   



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