Visualizing Quantum Matter at Atomic Scale

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报告题目:Visualizing Quantum Matter at Atomic Scale
报告时间:2018-05-23 15:00 (星期三)
报告人:蔡鹏 博士(复旦大学long8唯一)


Numerous novel states emerge in low-dimensional quantum matters with strong electron correlation, such as high temperature superconductivity in cuprateand iron-based superconductors. However, it remains challenging to understand these superconducting (SC) states after intensive research. One main complexity lies in the electronic phase diagram, in which these SC states are found to intertwine with other exotic phenomena, such as spin/charge orders, pseudo-gap phase and electron nematicphase. Aiming to resolve the SC states and their intertwined orders, we use scanning-tunneling-microscopy (STM) to study these quantum systems with simultaneous spatial and energy resolution.I will bring some examples to show the power of STM technique. Meanwhile, our understanding on the electronic phase diagram of iron-based and cupratesuperconductors will be discussed.


蔡鹏博士从本科到博士一直在清华大学学习,目前在复旦大学做博士后。他从事科研工作以及开展合作研究的小组,均为国内最顶尖的实验组,包括清华大学王亚愚小组,复旦大学沈健、张远波小组,中科大陈仙辉小组。蔡鹏博士已发表高水平论文19篇,包括顶级期刊Science 1篇,nature子刊3篇,PRL 3篇,PRX 2篇,Sci. Bull. 2篇。联系人: 李新奇 Quantum Matter at Atomic Scale蔡鹏博士复旦大学long8唯一时间:2018年5月23日(周三)上午10:00 -11:00地点:北洋园校区32楼218会议室学术报告


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