3-algebras and N≥4 Chern-Simons-matter Theories

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报告题目:3-algebras and N≥4 Chern-Simons-matter Theories
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Extended (N≥4) superconformal Chern-Simons-matter (CSM) theories in 3D are natural candidates of the dual gauge theories of multi M2-branes, which are fundamental objects in M-theory. In the literature, the N=4,5,6 CSM theories were constructed by using ordinary Lie 2-algebras, and the N=8 theory was constructed by using Nambu 3-algebra. We introduce the notion of symplectic 3-algebra, and construct all N≥4 CSM theories in terms of this unified 3-algebraic structure. Using superalgebras to realize the 3-algebras, we recover all known examples of the  N≥4 CMS theories, and derive some new N=4 quiver gauge theories as well. 

报告人简介:陈发敏,2010年毕业于犹他大学(University of Utah),获物理学博士学位。2010年-2012年在北京大学物理学院作博士后。2012年入职北京交通大学,工作至今;职称为副教授。研究方向为M理论中的AdS/CFT对偶,侧重于CFT理论的构建与研究。最近致力于构建与M5膜相关的6维N=(1,0)规范理论。


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