Pauli Reductions of Supergravities in Six and Five Dimensions

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报告题目:Pauli Reductions of Supergravities in Six and Five Dimensions
报告时间:2018-05-18 14:00 (星期五)
报告人:Christopher Pope(Texas A&M University)


Thedimensional reduction of a generic theory on a curved internal space such as asphere does not admit a consistent truncation to a finite set of fields thatincludes the Yang-Mills gauge bosons of the isometry group. In rare cases, forexample the S 7 reduction of eleven-dimensional supergravity, such a consistent“Pauli reduction” does exist. In this talk we discuss this existence questionin two examples of S 2 reductions of supergravities. We do this by making useof a relation between certain S^2 reductions and group manifold S^3 = SU (2)reductions of a theory in one dimension higher. By this means we establish thenon-existence of a consistent S^2 Pauli reduction of five-dimensional minimalsupergravity. We also show that a previously-discovered consistent Paulireduction of six-dimensional Salam-Sezgin supergravity can be elegantlyunderstood via a group-manifold reduction from seven dimensions. 


Christopher Pope gained hisPhD at the University of Cambridge in 1980, under the guidance of StephenHawking.  After postdoctoral positions at St John's College, Cambridge,and Imperial College, London, he joined the faculty at the University ofSouthern California.  He moved to Texas A&M University, where he isnow a Distinguished Professor, in 1988.  He was the director of MitchellInstitute for Fundamental Physics at Texas A&M University from 2005-2015.He also holds an Honorary Professorship at the University of Cambridge.  Hehas published hundreds of papers with more than 18000 citations, including 1over 800 and 58 over 100 citations.  His h-index is 77.


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