Continuous and Discrete Gauge Symmetries in F-Theory

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报告题目:Continuous and Discrete Gauge Symmetries in F-Theory
报告时间:2018-05-18 16:00 (星期五)
报告人:Mirjam Cvetic(University of Pennsylvania)


We present recent developments incompactification of F-theory,which describes a strong coupling regime of string theory. We focus on advancesin constructions of globally consistent F-theory compactificationswith continuous and discrete gauge symmetries and emphasize new insights intoglobal constraints on allowed matter representations. 

报告人简介:Mirjam Cvetic is Fay R. andEugene L. Langberg Professor of Physics at the University of Pennsylvania.Her research encompasses broad thrusts in fundamental theory: gravitationalphysics  in string theory (seminal work on black holes); work at the interfacewith differential and algebraic  geometry (new special holonomy spaces);leading efforts in  string theory compactifications (first supersymmetricintersecting D-brane models and  new D-instanton effects); the study ofparticle physics implications of string theory. She has published over 260 papers,with over 18,000 citations, h-76. She is a Fellow of APS (2001), the Editor ofPhysics Letters B (since 2000), a recipient of Distinguished Alumni Award(2007), an elected Chair of the Advisory Board of the KITP, Santa Barbara(2009-10), and has served on numerous national and international advisorypanels. She has mentored fifteen PhD students and ten post-doctoralresearchers. She received her PhD from the University of Maryland (1984), was apost-doctoral fellow at SLAC, Stanford University (1984-87), and has had aprimary affiliation with the University of Pennsylvania since 1987. 


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