Higher dimensional operators in standard model effective field theory

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报告题目:Higher dimensional operators in standard model effective field theory
报告时间:2018-03-08 10:00 (星期四)
报告人:Prof. Yi Liao(School of Physics, Nankai University)


Effective field theory is a general approach to describing physics at lowenergy. In this talk I’ll start with the basic ideas of the standard modeleffective field theory (SMEFT). Then I’ll focus on the three subjects that wehave been working on in the past two years. We have made a complete analysis ondimension-seven operators in SMEFT and renormalized a subset of them thatviolates both lepton and baryon numbers. We have developed a simple powercounting rule that controls the leading contribution to one-loop anomalousdimensions of higher dimensional operators. Finally we discuss new higherdimensional operators that arise when the standard model is extended by sterileneutrinos with a mass below the electroweak scale. 




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