Fast dynamic gratings in LC

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报告题目:Fast dynamic gratings in LC
报告时间:2017-11-27 14:00 (星期一)
报告人:Andrey Iljin(Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)


Chiral nematic liquid crystals (CLC) being anatural photonic crystal due to their self-assembled supramolecular helicalstructure exhibit a lot of interesting features peculiar of the band bagmaterials. Parameters of the CLC band gap could be effectively tuned due to asensitivity of liquid crystals to external factors, such as fields, temperatureetc. A generalised Light-Induced Order Modification (LIOM) model accounts forthe changes of the refractive indices of a thin LC layer resulted from thelight-stimulated modulation of the LC order parameter. The LIOM-mechanismexplains experimentally observed large optical nonlinearities with extremelyfast as for the LC system recording times accompanied with a very highresolution has been achieved (< 1 µm). Being strictly local, the LIOM-mechanismallows for a spatial resolution opening new possibilities for volume gratingrecording. Effective at any wavelength it could also be applied for creation ofarbitrary phase profiles over extensive areas as requested in several applicationsfor light beam manipulation.


Andrey Iljin于2008年6月在波兰华沙军事技术大学现代技术与化学系获博士学位。2007年至今,在乌克兰国家科学院历任工程师、助研和研究员,现担任国家项目首席科学家和国际合作项目督导。    他领导的科研团队长期致力于液晶的科研工作,主要领域包括:液晶的光学、非线性光学和光子学;液晶的表面现象;液晶混杂结晶系统;液晶显示的光校正、发光特性;液晶光存贮和动态全息。


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