A Cosmic Crisitunity (crisis+opportunity) ——量子交叉研究中心特邀报告

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报告题目:A Cosmic Crisitunity (crisis+opportunity) ——量子交叉研究中心特邀报告
报告时间:2017-10-11 15:00 (星期三)
报告人:孟新河 教授(南开大学物理学院)


After 2 years postdoc in USTC, Prof.Xin-He Meng I took a position in Nankai University as frist Associate Professorand Professor, during which He partially worked in Lancaster University (UK1988-1999), Hiroshima University (2002), and Arizona (USA 2003-2005) as well asHanyang University (Seoul 2006-2008). 


Anomalies mean a lot to fundamentalphysics development, either implying new physics or what we do not understandyet. In this talk based mainly on our publications this year we will discussthe modeling on cosmic expansion H_0 and mass spectrum anomalies, with the hopewe can bring more stimulating to community, especially to young students. 


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