Gauge Theories: Quivers, Dessins and Calabi-Yau

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报告题目:Gauge Theories: Quivers, Dessins and Calabi-Yau
报告时间:2017-08-24 15:00 (星期四)
报告人:何杨辉教授(City University, London&Nankai U.&U. of Oxfo

报告摘要:We discuss how bipartite graphs on Riemann surfaces capture a wealth of information about the physics and the mathematics of large classes of gauge theories, especially those arising from string theory in the context of AdS/CFT.The dialogue between the physics, the underlying algebraic geometry of Calabi-Yau varieties, the combinatorics of dimers and toric varieties, as well as the number theory of dessin d'enfants becomes particularly intricate and fruitful under this light.


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