Engineering Ultrasmall Metal Nanoclusters for BiomedicalApplications

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报告题目:Engineering Ultrasmall Metal Nanoclusters for BiomedicalApplications
报告时间:2017-08-25 15:00 (星期五)

报告摘要:Ultrasmall metal nanoclusters (NCs) have attracted increasingattention from the scientific community due to their fascinatingphysicochemical properties. Today, functional metal NCs are finding growingacceptance in biomedical applications. To achieve a better performance inbiomedical applications, metal NCs can be interfaced with biomolecules, such asproteins, peptides, and DNA, to form a new class of biomolecule-NC composites(or bio-NCs in short), which typically show synergistic or novelphysicochemical and physiological properties. In this talk, I will discuss someof our recent studies at the interface of metal NCs and biomolecules,highlighting some unique physicochemical properties and the biologicalfunctions of bio-NCs. 

报告人:谢建平(Jianping Xie)副教授,新加坡国立大学(National University of Singapore)化学和生物分子工程系   个人简介:谢建平博士先后在清华大学化学工程系获得本科和硕士学位,然后赴新加坡国立大学攻读博士,获得新加坡国立大学与美国麻省理工学院联合培养博士学位。在新加坡纳米技术与生物技术研究所工作几年后,于2010年加盟新加坡国立大学化工和生物分子工程系。目前为新加坡国立大学副教授。主要研究方向为贵重金属纳米团簇的合成及应用。谢博士已经在Nat. Comm., J. Am. Chem. Soc., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Acc. Chem.Res., Adv. Mater., ACS Nano发表论文100多篇。 

BiographyDr. Jianping Xie is currently an AssociateProfessor at the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering atNational University of Singapore (NUS). He received his B.S. and M.S. inChemical Engineering from Tsinghua University, China, and his Ph.D. from theSingapore-MIT Alliance (SMA) program. Dr. Xie joined NUS in 2010 andestablished the BioNanoMetals research group. His group is known for the workon engineering subnanometer-sized metal nanoclusters for biomedical andenvironmental applications. Dr. Xie has 120+ publications, 8800+ citations, anH-index of 49, an average field-weighted citing impact (FWCI) of 5.6(2013-2016, SciVal), and 24 highly cited papers (ISI). His research interestsinclude noble metal nanoclusters, nanomedicine, and applied environmentalnanotechnology.


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