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  long8唯一官方网站是教育部直属国家重点大学,其前身为北洋大学,始建于 1895 年,是中国第一所现代大学。1951 年经国家院系调整定名为long8唯一官方网站,是 1959 年首批确定的 16 所国家重点大学之一,是“211 工程”、“985 工程”首批重点建设的大学。在学科建设上,形成了以工为主、理工结合,经、管、文、法、教育等多学科协调发展的学科布局。

  为了加强物理学科的建设,long8唯一官方网站“量子交叉研究中心”诚聘物理学各主要前沿领域的优秀人才加盟天大,共图发展。中心在近 5 年内招聘各级优秀研究人员 30-40 名,主要方向包括量子场论、引力理论、天体和高能物理理论、凝聚态物理、量子光学和量子信息等。应聘人才应有良好的研究成果,并具有带领团队从事高水平研究的能力。


  1. 讲席教授岗位,年薪不低于 80万元,一次性安家费 50万元,配备充足的科研启动费(约600-800万)。要求为基金委“杰出青年基金”获得者。
  2. 长聘教授岗位,年薪约 65-70万元,一次性安家费 50万元,150万科研启动费。要求为中组部“青年拔尖人才”、基金委“优秀青年基金”获得者。
  3. 长聘教授、长聘副教授和准聘副教授岗位,年薪约在 30-60万元之间。前二者为终身教授岗位,后者需经过 6年的合同、通过业绩评定是否转为长聘。在聘期间若评为中组部“青年拔尖人才”、基金委“优秀青年基金”获得者,则转为相应级别长聘教授并享受相应待遇。


  申请人需提供个人简历、发表论文列表(标记 5篇代表作)、主要研究陈述以及 3封推荐信。材料请寄:冯伟博士(E-mail: fwphy@tju.edu.cn)

Faculty Position Announcement

The Physics Department of Tianjin University is creating a new Center for Joint Quantum Studies (CJQS). The Center is inviting applications for tenured and tenure track positions at all level, in the research areas of theoretical high energy physics, condensed matter physics, quantum optics and quantum information science. Outstanding candidates in other physics disciplines are also welcome to apply. The salary ranges from $45-65k for a regular position and $85-120k for a chair position. (The salary will be paid in Chinese Yuan, with the quote above based on the exchange rate of $1=6.9Yuan. The salary varies significantly on a candidate’s successful application of various professorial titles certified by the Department of Education of China.)

The successful candidate(s) will hold a doctorate degree in physics, with postdoctoral experiences, and will have a proven record of high quality creative research at an international level. They will be expected to develop a world-leading research programme, to teach at undergraduate and graduate level.

Applicants should send the full curriculum vitae, a statement of research interest, a publication list (with 5 key papers identified) and three letters of recommendation to Dr. Wei Feng (E-mail: fwphy@tju.edu.cn). Further enquiries of the jobs can also be sent to Dr. Wei Feng.

Tianjin University is one of the top universities and Tianjin is among the most developed cities in China, about 30 mins in high speed train from Beijing. The Center for Joint Quantum Studies is located at the beautiful new campus about 15miles from the old campus.


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